Buyer Representation

Sell Real Estate in Bozeman MTToday’s homebuyer, now more than ever, needs an expert to help lead the way through the real estate marketplace maze of short sales, foreclosures, relocation listings, when to buy and when to sell. Buyers need the guidance of a professional in order to make the wise decision needed for future financial stability. This will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest investment, many people make.

As a buyer, you will ordinarily not have to pay for your representation. Each listing on the MLS negotiates a commission, part of which is then paid to the buyer’s agent. Remember that just because you, as a buyer, isn’t paying out of pocket for representation, this does not mean you should expect anything less than an EXPERT. A buyer should always be selective in whom they choose to lead them through a home purchase.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a Realtor. Not all Realtors have the same work ethic, motivation, tools, or experience. Following is a partial list I provide to my buyers.

Buyer Services:

  • Buyer Counseling (including checklists to make sure your priorities are outlined)
  • Automatic Notification of Criteria Matched Listings
  • Same Day Response (time is of the essence in Real Estate)
  • Scheduling Multiple Showings Appts (make the most of your time)
  • Desire to Understand Your Wants and Needs
  • Market Knowledge, Statistics, & Trends
  • Top-Notch Negotiation Skills
  • Financing Guidance w/ Experience-Based Knowledge
  • Concierge Services
  • Comparable Market Analysis in Offer Preparations
  • Contract Assistance (in-depth understanding of what you are signing)
  • Working Hand-in-Hand w/ Seller’s Agent (scheduling appraisals, inspections,etc)
  • Leading You through Inspection Process
  • Working Hand-in Hand w/ Your Lender to Assist in a Timely Closing
  • Reviewing Title Work, Ordering Surveys, Gathering Required Documentation to Close
  • Scheduling Closing, Possession, & Assistance in Utility Transfers
  • Reviewing Settlement Statement
  • After Closing Assistance